Foreign leaders look to Heritage

Last week – in one day alone – Heritage hosted 18 diplomats, including 6 ambassadors, for a roundtable discussion led by Heritage president, Ed Feulner.

Heritage not only provides critical insight and support to U.S. policymakers and leaders, but is also an important partner and resource for foreign leaders. Just this past summer, for example, Heritage hosted the Presidents of Romania and Ukraine and the Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Tunisia.

Your support is facilitating these opportunities to influence foreign leaders and, consequently, foreign policy. Heritage experts work hard to cultivate relationships with foreign leaders and provides Heritage’s conservative perspective on critical policy issues.

While so much of Washington is stuck in the swamp — a circus consumed with petty concerns — Heritage is busy working on issues that will provide real change.

Thanks to your support, we are able to make this happen.

How do you think the U.S. is doing when it comes to cultivating relationships with our allies and strategic partners? What would you change? Why?

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