Explaining the nuclear threat

Heritage hosts numerous events each week in order to examine the pressing issues of our day and facilitate a place where experts can gather to share ideas and find solutions to our nation’s problems.

Many of these events can be viewed live online by simply going to Heritage’s events page.

Last week, Heritage hosted General Kevin Chilton, USAF (Ret.) to explain the importance of maintaining the U.S. nuclear deterrent and the challenges our nation faces in the future.

For many decades U.S. nuclear forces have aided in global nonproliferation and provided a deterrent against large-scale conventional and nuclear attacks that threaten the American homeland, forward-deployed troops, and allies.

However, the value of U.S. nuclear forces depends upon the credibility of the U.S. nuclear deterrent – credibility that is threatened by neglect of U.S. nuclear infrastructure and capabilities.

The nuclear threat environment is dynamic and proliferating, with old and new actors developing advanced capabilities while the U.S. enterprise is relatively static, potentially leaving the United States at a technological disadvantage.

Watch his presentation below:

What do you think the greatest threat to U.S. national security is?

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