Expanding school choice for parents

Heritage’s Education Policy Center has been hard at work increasing parent’s and student’s rights in education.

Recently, the 529 education savings plan–that only allows for college saving–was expanded to include savings for K-12 students and has been included in the House tax reform bill.

Heritage’s education team developed and advocated for this policy to give parents more freedom in choosing the best education option for their children.

The 529 ESP’s would allow parents to cover K-12 expenses of up to $10,000 per year at public, private and religious schools. They are open to every family, no matter how wealthy or poor.

Lindsey Burke, the Director of the Center for Education Policy at Heritage, said in an interview with Politico:

“Allowing families to contribute money to 529 plans for K-12 educational expenses would enable families to save for K-12 education-related expenses while increasing their ability to pay for education options outside the public-school system… Allowing K-12 expenses to be 529 eligible is smart policy.”

The administration is embracing this policy, which returns authority to the states and empowers parents with the opportunity to choose safe and effective schools for their children.

If the bill passes through the House and the Senate and is signed by the President, citizens will have more opportunities to invest in quality education, and parents will have more choice.

What are other changes you would like to see in our education system?

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