Education expert highlights school choice benefits for military families

Last week, Heritage education expert Lindsey Burke published a piece promoting school choice options for military families that was featured in the Washington Post.

As part of her work furthering school choice for Americans, Burke emphasizes the important benefit to military families of allowing students’ education money to follow them regardless of the institution in which they are enrolled in.

The Washington Post stated:

The conservative Heritage Foundation is pushing to allow 800,000 military children to use federal tax dollars for private education, a proposal that comes as President Trump seeks to make good on his promise to dramatically expand school choice nationwide…

…Lindsey Burke, an education policy analyst at Heritage, argues that it is a way to support military families – a matter of national defense, she said – and would dramatically expand the universe of private-school choice.

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Thanks to your support, experts like Burke continue to research and promote school choice options designed to help all families make the best educational choices and receive the best education for their children.

What do you think about increasing school choice options for military families?

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