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This Thursday, General Thomas Spoehr, retired Army lieutenant general and director of Heritage’s Center for National Defense, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on his recommendations for a future National Defense Strategy.

Spoehr served in the Army for more than 36 years and attained the rank of lieutenant general before retiring.

In October, he published a report titled “Rules For Getting Defense Strategy Right” in War on the Rocks, a foreign policy magazine.

In that report, he writes:

“A real defense strategy would provide clear priorities, identify America’s competitive advantages and how to capitalize on them, and deal with the world — and the enemies it offers — as it is. The need for a new NDS could not be more acute, but previous efforts have had decidedly mixed results. Will this one succeed where others have failed? We are about to find out.”

He recommends:

  • The NDS should acknowledge the true state of the military as it relates to the broad requirements of protecting our national interests.
  • A defense strategy that prioritizes smart choices over complete inclusiveness should be implemented.
  • All strategies must be directive, not just descriptive.

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How can we improve our national defense strategy?

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