Building the conservative movement

You play a key role inside the conservative movement through providing policy research, strengthening relations between conservative coalition groups, and training the next generation of conservative leaders.

One recent example of this influence is the presence Heritage had CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference)—one of the largest gatherings of conservatives in our country this week.

During the conference, Heritage recruited students for our Young Leaders Internship Program, gave our latest policy recommendations to attendees, and shared how we impact the policy debates on Capitol Hill.

Below are some of the ways Heritage was directly involved:

  • Heritage hosted a breakout session with three Heritage experts–Steve Moore, Romina Boccia, and Paul Winfree—to discuss the next steps to get our country on the right financial track after the terrible budget deal of last week.
  • Numerous Heritage speakers presented during the conference. These included: Heritage president Kay Coles James, Jeffrey Smith, Kelsey Harkness, Genevieve Wood, and John Malcolm.
  • The Young Leaders Program hosted an alumni reception
  • Heritage’s Truluck Center–that trains young conservatives and connects them to careers–participated in the Career Fair
  • 20+ staff attended, and 37 interns worked over 9 shifts in the Heritage Booth to share the impact Heritage is having on our country.

Thanks to your support we are able to reach more young Americans with the conservative message.


What are other ways that the conservative movement should be strengthened?

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