Bringing relief to farmers with conservative policy

For a long time, farmers have struggled under heavy overregulation from the federal government. Your support of Heritage, however, is helping lay the groundwork to lift these restrictions. By providing consistent commentary and insight on conservative agricultural policy, Heritage is working hard to make sure that farmers’ latest opportunity for relief doesn’t go to waste.

The House Agriculture Committee just passed a Farm Bill that will be going to the House floor for a vote next month, but it needs many revisions before conservatives can support it. 

Heritage’s senior research fellow Daren Bakst has written extensively on the topic of the farm bill. Earlier this April, he wrote an article in The Daily Signal calling for significant reforms for subsidies and regulations in the upcoming bill, pulling the federal government out of agriculture. Bakst also published both a commentary and a report on Heritage’s website this week, where he continues to highlight how the bill will need to respect the free market instead of artificially propping up select crops and allowing all farmers to compete freely in the marketplace.

The Farm Bill also includes revisions to the food stamp program that would encourage people who can work to work before they can receive government benefits. Heritage’s senior research fellow Robert Rector released a report on April 19 outlining the change the farm bill makes to the food stamp program. While he approves of the move towards increased work requirements for welfare, he does point out that the bill would need to be much clearer about what the requirements actually are, especially for adults with dependents.

President Kay Coles James also voiced her concerns about the Farm Bill in a statement released on Wednesday before the House Agriculture Committee’s hearing, highlighting the opportunity the bill has to make needed changes and encouraging discussions about how to make this bill ideal for farmers across America.

As the bill continues through the legislative process, Heritage will be watching closely to help present the most relevant policy and bring farmers relief.

What do you think are the best ways to get the government out of agriculture?

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