Bad budget bill passes

Thanks to your support, Heritage is continuing to provide conservative solutions to limiting government and reining in runway spending.

And those solutions are needed more now than ever before.

Last week, Congress passed a budget deal that increases the federal government by 14%.

In a video that’s already received thousands of views, Heritage’s Genevieve Wood stated:

President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress were elected to drain the swamp, not add water.

But adding water, and lots of it, is exactly what happened with the passage of the most recent budget deal.

In fact, this bill asks for 70 percent more than President Barack Obama did while in office.

This was a budget deal that, as Genevieve Wood says in the video below, President Obama could have only dreamed of.

Heritage has provided a guide to promote comprehensive economic reform for our country–laying out a clear path forward for lawmakers.

That path includes:

  • Cutting spending immediately and enforcing spending caps
  • Pursue pro-growth tax reform
  • Reform the Entitlement programs
  • Reform the federal budget process
  • And move domestic programs to the State and local sector

Read the guide for a full explanation >>

Thank you for enabling Heritage to continue to act as “True North” in Washington.

What do you think it will take for lawmakers to pass a fiscally conservative budget?


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