You bring conservative insight to Trump’s Russia summit

The Trump-Putin summit was disappointing but not disastrous, Heritage expert James Carafano said in the Detroit News. While he may have missed some opportunities to strongly push back against Russia’s violations of international treaties and human rights in Crimea, Georgia, and Ukraine, the president also gave Putin no policy concessions. Unlike his predecessors, he has not yet “given the Russians something for nothing.�

In a Daily Signal podcast recorded Monday, Heritage’s Peter Brookes warned members of the right or the left against rushing to judgment based on what Trump said or didn’t say. This meeting and the subsequent press conference were the start of a long process of talks and negotiations with Russia in the future. Listen to the podcast >>

In a commentary published in The Washington Times, Heritage expert Michaela Dodge noted that the Trump-Putin summit’s success should be gauged based on whether President Trump adequately expressed the actions America would take to curb Russia’s nuclear aggression, or showed a strong enough front of unity between the U.S. and the European countries that Russia has been threatening.

Heritage will continue to monitor the situation with Russia, and make sure that President Trump is armed with strong recommendations and policy to take to future Russian summits and negotiations. Thank you for making this analysis and policy promotion possible.

Heritage applauds Brett Kavanaugh as a strong Supreme Court nominee

Last Monday night, President Trump announced that he had chosen Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Heritage is very excited about Kavanaugh’s nomination, and believe that he is an outstanding selection. Kavanaugh’s credentials are so strong that he has been on Heritage’s list of recommended appointees since 2016—and even more importantly, he is exactly what America needs: a fair, impartial, and faithful Constitutionalist.

Soon after President Trump nominated Kavanaugh, Heritage president Kay Coles James published an opinion piece voicing her support of his nomination. Heritage experts John Malcolm and Elizabeth Slattery also released a commentary praising the selection and analyzing how Kavanaugh’s statements and past rulings suggest he will be a faithful textualist.

The Daily Signal has published several stories about Kavanaugh’s track record as a judge. Reporter Kelsey Harkness interviewed some of Kavanaugh’s former female clerks on what it was like to work with him. The Daily Signal’s White House correspondent Fred Lucas ran an article on how Kavanaugh is no stranger to difficult nomination processes, and can hold his own against hostile liberal narratives. Lucas also released another article recounting how, as a young lawyer, Kavanaugh played a key role in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

The White House circulated a lecture that Kavanaugh gave last year at The Heritage Foundation as an introduction to his approach to judging. In the lecture, Kavanaugh talks about his perspective on the Constitution, how he thinks the court should interpret and apply legislation, the separation of powers, and more.

Hear what Kavanaugh has to say in the video below:

Thanks to your support for the Heritage Foundation, we can make sure that a strong conservative mind who will be faithful to the Constitution has a good chance to join the Supreme Court. Thank you!

What do you think about Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh?

Heritage hosts former Australian Prime Minister

On July 11, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited Heritage to discuss his perspective on President Trump’s first year and a half in office. In his talk, he address how the President’s foreign, defense, and trade policies are affecting the relationship between the United States and our close Australian allies, and where he sees the alliance going in the future.

Abbott has been a longtime ally to conservative values, and to the Heritage Foundation. He last visited The Heritage Foundation in 2012 when he was Leader of the Opposition in Australia’s House of Parliament, when he spoke to Heritage expert Kim Holmes about the relationship between America and the U.S. and its importance for maintaining security in the Asia-Pacific.

We are glad to maintain strong ties to the international conservative movement, and look forward to continuing to work with Australian leaders to strengthen conservative values the world over.

Watch the event here:

What foreign policy issues do you think President Trump should focus on with our allies?