Influencing members of Congress

Last week, Heritage hosted the annual Conservative Member Retreat for members of the House of Representatives.

This year’s theme was Boldness in the Face of Adversity–a fitting theme with the Congressional fights that conservatives are facing this year.

The retreat is intended to provide conservative members of Congress with policy-analysis from Heritage experts and to build relationships with them that will continue into their congressional term.

Almost 40 members attended the retreat.

During the retreat, lawmakers were given the opportunity to discuss issues with fellow conservatives and hear from movement leaders like Rick Santorum, Matt Bevin, and Heritage’s own David Azzerad.

Thanks to your support, Heritage is able to provide this support and guidance to members of Congress.

Do you believe it is important to support conservative members of Congress? Why or why not?  What are other ways that we should support them?

Rebuilding America’s military power

America’s military has rapidly declined and is in need of a significant overhaul as shown by Heritage’s 2018 Index of Military Strength.

Two Heritage scholars, Dakota Wood and Tom Spoehr, are working on a project called Rebuilding America’s Military Power (RAMP), which will provide the concrete steps needed to get America’s military back on track.

RAMP will answer questions like:

  • What is the role of each branch of the military in the future?
  • What is the role of technology (AI, cyber, autonomous weapons) and conventional weaponry?
  • How does the positioning and deployment of forces around the world affect our readiness?
  • Beyond funding, what infrastructure will we need to achieve the growth and changes we propose?

RAMP will also keep in mind the long-term nature of changes to the military to understand what other areas the United States will need to meet future challenges.

Thank you for making this project possible.

What do you think are the top three needs of America’s military today?


Educating candidates in conservative policy

Next week, the Heritage Foundation will invite every candidate who are filed with the FCC to the Conservative Members Conference. At this Conference, Heritage experts will brief the candidates on conservative policies priorities.

This conference is a powerful example of how Heritage is leading the fight by educating every possible candidate in conservative policy. Each candidate is given a copy of the “Solutions 2018” handbook of conservative policy, compiled by Heritage.

Read the Solutions 2018 handbook >>

Not only is this handbook given to candidates, but it’s given to every sitting member of Congress.

By attending this conference, every conservative becomes familiar with us as an organization, ensuring that Heritage is always available as a resource to them as they fight for conservative principals on Capitol Hill.

What policy recommendation are you most excited to learn more about and why?