Another victory for conservatives in foreign policy

Today, President Trump announced he is reversing many of Obama’s executive policies towards Cuba.

For years Heritage has constantly fought for a U.S.-Cuba policy that would end the Castro regime–recognizing that the Castro dictatorship will never be friendly to the United States. The United States’ relationship to Cuba must be transactional and must require the Cuban government to meet high standards.

We saw this same attitude reflected in the President’s announcement today, as many of the key points in his policy closely reflect Heritage’s own position.

Writing for the National Interest, Heritage expert Mike Gonzalez had this to say on the U.S.-Cuba policy:

If “America First” means anything, it must mean preventing a virulently anti-American criminal enterprise from perpetuating its existence next door and reproducing itself throughout the hemisphere. And since this is precisely what President Obama’s opening to the Castros accomplished, President Trump is duty-bound to reverse this mistake.

Read Mike’s full analysis>>

Do you agree with the Trump administration’s new policy position on US-Cuba relations? Why or why not?

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