A victory for your private property rights

On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it is rescinding the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) act created by the Obama Administration.  Through WOTUS, the EPA sought to regulate not just water, but an individual’s private land as well.

Its reversal is a substantial blow to this overreaching agency – pushing the federal government out of private property and away from an area of state authority. The elimination of WOTUS will also restore consistency and clarity to the rule of law.

In an article Wednesday, Heritage expert Daren Bakst explained more about this rule:

On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it is going to put an end to the Obama administration’s federal power grab known as the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule.

The Trump administration should be commended for taking this critical action. The EPA and Army Corps of Engineers, through the Clean Water Act, were seeking to regulate almost every water imaginable.

For example, under the rule, federal agencies could have regulated certain man-made ditches and even dry land that may hold some water only a few days of the year after major rains.

The rule was so broad and subjective, property owners would have had a very difficult time even knowing what was subject to regulation. For that matter, the level of subjectivity was so great that even government officials enforcing the rule wouldn’t have been able to agree on whether specific waters could be regulated.

By trying to regulate almost every water, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers would have been forcing property owners to secure far more permits, including for normal activities such as farming.

Bakst has, for years, been working tirelessly to reverse this disastrous act, from educating lawmakers to spearheading special working groups. In fact, last November he released a report on water policy recommending that the new administration make WOTUS reversal a top priority. President Trump’s case against WOTUS was strongly influenced by Bakst’s work.

Thanks to you, experts like Daren Bakst are able to fight for your property rights and roll back invasive federal policies.

Rolling back WOTUS is a key conservative victory. But we can’t stop here! What other invasive government regulations do you think we should eliminate next? 


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