Heritage pushes back against Congress’ immigration compromise

Congress fractured our immigration system even more with their latest updates to DACA, hurting the lives and security of all Americans.

Because the bipartisan bills continue to undermine the rule of law, David Inserra of The Heritage Foundation, an expert in Homeland Security and Immigration, is not happy about it at all.

Inserra rightly criticized Congress, saying that they were pushing “one big amnesty scheme.” It sets a dangerous precedent, and Congress failed to offer more resources to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is critical to positive reform.

According to Inserra, the immigration courts have 700,000 asylum cases on the docket alone. He noted that 95% of illegal immigrants with expired Visas do not show up to their court hearing, which means that an additional 262,000 illegals would be roaming about in your backyard every year.

Heritage’s Director of Congressional and Executive Branch Relations Tommy Binion agrees. In a commentary, he points to ineffective enforcement as a major problem in America, and one that Congress needs to address immediately—but Congress seems to have no interest in coming to agreement on that solution.

Heritage experts gave Congress many prudent and sensible solutions, many of which involved making improvements in internal enforcement. Instead, Congress focused on one small piece of a very complicated puzzle: amnesty. This choice neglected to strengthen the agencies that protect us.

Members, our hardworking civil servants in ICE can only do so much to secure our safety. However, as loyal donors, you are helping us fight to make these kind of crucial changes in America.

The conservative movement survives with people like you at the forefront of serving America’s interests first. We thank you for your continued support to help show Congress that they cannot incentivize criminal behavior.

To learn more about the truths behind immigration, listen to Heritage’s podcast on immigration enforcement, featuring David Inserra.

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Heritage unveils new healthcare reform plan

Last Wednesday the Health Policy Consensus Group, a group of conservative leaders headed by The Heritage Foundation and former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) unveiled their plan for healthcare reform at the Hoover Institute.

This is a unique proposal in that none of the members of the Consensus Group are sitting senators. Rather, the coalition is composed of grassroots conservative leaders from across America, who have a deep love for our nation and an interest in seeing greater healthcare influence return to the local levels.

In the plan, the Consensus Group recommends turning healthcare’s federal funding structure into single grants overseen by the states, and supports giving subsidies to assist citizens in buying private coverage. By bringing control over healthcare closer to the patient, the proposal aims to restore choice and competition in the marketplace.

While covering our proposal, Stephanie Armour from The Wall Street Journal also noticed that Congress is taking Heritage’s solutions very seriously. Our plan would “drive control of health care almost entirely to the states,” she said, which would help fix the healthcare problems proliferated by Congress.

While Obamacare has done a lot of damage to America’s health system, your support of The Heritage Foundation is continuing to push for its repeal and reform. We will continue to lead the effort to restore free trade principles to America’s health system.

How has Obamacare affected you?

Blueprint for Balance: Heritage’s answer to America’s budget crisis

A sensible federal budget is critical for the stability of our nation. Last Monday, The Heritage Foundation’s Roe Institute for Economic Policy published the Blueprint for Balance, Heritage’s annual budget proposal for the US government. It provides President Trump and lawmakers with a helpful guide to answer the country’s budget crisis.

The “Blueprint for Balance” is already making its mark on the Trump Administration. Fifty-percent of Heritage’s proposal has been embraced in legislation. This development gives conservatives hope that a well-reasoned budget will be passed by Congress.

In Heritage’s Allison Auditorium, one of our leading fiscal and economic experts Romina Boccia hosted a panel to discuss the Blueprint’s unveiling. She described its purpose as a detailed policy agenda to balance the budget. “Not just without raising taxes,” she said, “but cutting taxes further, while ensuring a strong national defense and protecting individual liberty and economic freedom.”

Within a week of its release, Heritage’s budgeting success has been highlighted by some the country’s major news outlets.

Steve Mufson at The Washington Post mentioned that Trump’s budget bears many similarities to the Blueprint. He notes how Trump’s budget includes actions to eliminate different federal programs, including those regarding international relations, climate change, among others. These details were inspired by Heritage’s experts.

The New York Times’s Thomas Kaplan and Alan Rappeport talked about Senator Michael B. Enzie, the Chairman of the Budget Committee, who called Trump’s budget “the first important step in providing Congress with the tools it needs to enact tax reform that will grow America’s economy and strengthen hardworking families and small businesses.”

With this proposal, one of Heritage’s goals is to strengthen the economy. Because of you, we can continue to share honest policy research that will help revitalize our nation. Thank you so much for your support.

Click here to watch experts Justin Bogie, Stephen Moore, and Adam Michel explain the Blueprint for Balance:

What do you think is the solution to our budget crisis?