Senator Marco Rubio holds ‘deep fake’ technology accountable at Heritage

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) visited the Heritage Foundation on Thursday to talk about an issue that only a few Americans even know about: “deep fake� media.

In this new high-tech age that we live in, Rubio explained, people can use special effects with such accuracy that they can manufacture recordings of “you saying or doing something that you never did or said.� These are deceptions that can easily ruin a person’s reputation, and people will certainly believe them.

“I’m grateful that we have this forum here [at Heritage] to begin to talk about this,� Rubio said. We need to address the issue now, he argued, because the technology can sow instability and chaos in the nation.

Watch Rubio’s speech and the following panel:

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You bring conservative insight to Trump’s Russia summit

The Trump-Putin summit was disappointing but not disastrous, Heritage expert James Carafano said in the Detroit News. While he may have missed some opportunities to strongly push back against Russia’s violations of international treaties and human rights in Crimea, Georgia, and Ukraine, the president also gave Putin no policy concessions. Unlike his predecessors, he has not yet “given the Russians something for nothing.�

In a Daily Signal podcast recorded Monday, Heritage’s Peter Brookes warned members of the right or the left against rushing to judgment based on what Trump said or didn’t say. This meeting and the subsequent press conference were the start of a long process of talks and negotiations with Russia in the future. Listen to the podcast >>

In a commentary published in The Washington Times, Heritage expert Michaela Dodge noted that the Trump-Putin summit’s success should be gauged based on whether President Trump adequately expressed the actions America would take to curb Russia’s nuclear aggression, or showed a strong enough front of unity between the U.S. and the European countries that Russia has been threatening.

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You and Ambassador Nikki Haley are defending America’s international integrity

The Heritage Foundation had the honor of hosting Ambassador Nikki Haley, a woman who fights for her country on the world stage, to explain why the United States withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The UNHRC consistently fails to thwart human rights violations, Haley said. It did nothing to stop member nations like Russia, China, or Venezuela from committing heinous crimes against their people. And America, she declared, is not in the business of “reducing human dignity into another instrument of international politics.�

Heritage president Kay Coles James praised Ambassador Haley’s strength and courage in holding to her principles as ambassador, and in calling out the UNHRC on their corrupt double standards and hostility towards America and Israel. Her remarks were “a true profile in courage.�

Watch the video of the event below:

A Conversation With Nikki Haley

How will the U.S. continue to advance its human rights agenda outside of the human Rights Council? U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley joins us live to discuss.

Posted by The Heritage Foundation on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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