Department of Homeland Security gains Heritage expert

This week, Heritage’s former General Counsel John Mitnick, started his new job as General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security.


Mitnick has served at Heritage since 2014 and was selected by President Trump last year to serve in the Department of Homeland Security.



As Heritage founder Ed Feulner said in a statement:

President Trump has made another excellent personnel decision in selecting John Mitnick to serve as General Counsel to the Department of Homeland Security. John has all the necessary experience and skills needed to excel in this vital post, having previously served as Deputy Counsel to President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Council and as an Associate General Counsel for Science and Technology at DHS. I look forward to his swift confirmation.

Along with the other Heritage Foundation Trustees, I will miss John’s wry smile, wit and sage advice in the board room. But we are pleased to know that the talented attorneys working at DHS will have an experienced, effective leader to help them keep our homeland safe.


Please join me in congratulating Mitnick on his new position.


Keeping identity politics at bay

The Census Bureau recently announced that it would not be making changes to the 2020 U.S. census recommended by former President Barack Obama’s administration.

“The Census Bureau will not use a combined question format for collecting race and ethnicity; or a separate ‘Middle Eastern or North African’ category on the census form,” the announcement noted.

Mike Gonzales, a senior fellow in Heritage’s Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, argues that these changes would negatively affect the country because it would further divide the country on ethnic lines.

He states that:

The proposals would affect the country adversely in at least three ways: (1) adding one more ethnic group would further divide America along ethnic lines, (2) creating a Hispanic “race” would deepen these fractures, and (3) dangling further economic benefits, including affirmative action and new congressional districts, would help perpetuate divisions within the country because it gives people an incentive to identify themselves with minority groups.

Instead, the 2018 End-to-End Census Test and 2020 census will continue to use two separate questions for collecting data on race and ethnicity, a move Heritage has advocated for.

Heritage continues to push against measures that would needlessly divide the Union.

Because of your support Heritage is able to push back against the scourge of identity politics that needlessly divides the country.

How do you feel about the current Census rules?

Vice President Pence appoints Heritage Expert to National Space Council

Heritage experts continue to make a difference–both on and off Heritage’s headquarters.

Last week, Vice President Pence nominated Heritage national security expert Dean Cheng to serve on the National Space Council User Advisory Board.

Cheng, a senior research fellow in Heritage’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, specializes in Chinese military and foreign policy. He has written extensively on China’s military doctrine and the technological implications of its space program. He is also the only member on the Council to hail from a think tank.

Other members of the Council include dignitaries such as Buzz Aldrin, an Apollo 11 astronaut, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and Presidential Candidate and GP Bud Peterson, the President of Georgia Institute of Technology.

According to the White House announcement, “The selected members of the Users Advisory Group will serve to fulfill President Trump’s mandate to ‘foster close coordination, cooperation, and technology and information exchange’ across our nation’s space enterprise.”

We are thankful for Cheng and his willingness to serve in this capacity.

How important is it to have conservative voices in places like the National Space Council?