‘Heritage Foundation “destroys” claim that voter fraud doesn’t happen’

Voting fraud is a real and pressing issue that threatens the integrity of our voting process.

Heritage has been hard at work compiling a list of known voter fraud cases to show the real threat that we face.

According to a recent article in the World Net Daily:

WASHINGTON – Although Democrats consistently attack President Trump’s voter fraud commission, insisting significant voter fraud doesn’t exist and that Republican efforts to curb fraud actually are intended to suppress minority voters, the existence of a Heritage Foundation database filled with voter-fraud cases is refuting the entire Democratic narrative about electoral integrity.

The database reveals voter fraud is a real and pressing issue.

The Heritage database, covering recent years and elections, contains 1,088 voter fraud cases, 949 of which have resulted in criminal convictions, impacting nearly every state and elections for all levels of government.

In hundreds of cases, individuals illegally registered dead people and copied names out of the phone book to vote. In some instances, illegal aliens and felons were documented voting.

Our database is accessible to citizens, experts, and the media.

Click here to see the database and find out how serious this threat is >>

Jason Snead, a policy analyst at Heritage, warned:

Put simply, American elections are vulnerable and fraudsters know it. Not content to leave their ideological causes or their own careers up to the unpredictable will of voters, many fraudsters choose to act on this knowledge.

We must prioritize preventing, deterring, and prosecuting this crime.

Your support fuels these efforts that ensure the integrity of our elections.

Have you ever witnessed voter fraud taking place? What happened?

Heritage leading conservative legal movement

One of the things Heritage does well is bring together the best minds and most powerful influencers in one place to address our nation’s most critical issues.

Just this week Heritage hosted the Legal Strategy Forum, a two-day biannual gathering of  CEOs and legal officers of top organizations who are committed to furthering the conservative legal movement.

Heritage brought in speakers to this group that included DC Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh, U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, and even U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

They discussed recent developments and litigation strategy in a wide variety of areas of concern to the conservative legal movement, and heard from recognized experts in those fields.

Watch Jeff Sessions’ remarks below:

Heritage will continue to lead to ensure the conservative legal movement grows and strengthens in the months and years ahead.

What do you think is the greatest challenge of our legal system?

A great American hero passes on

Last week, a true patriot and Heritage’s longest serving employee, Richard Odermatt, Director of Research Editing, passed on peacefully from this world. 

His dedication to the quality of Heritage research reflected his strong belief in the principles of conservatism and desire to see them create a stronger America. His positive attitude, laser sharp intellect, eagle eye for details, biting wit and deep faith gave life to the work he did at Heritage.


President Ed Feulner had the following words to say about Richard’s passing:

The Heritage Foundation has lost its longest serving employee and one of its dearest friends. Richard Odermatt, our Director of Research Editing, was one of the most erudite men in Washington, profoundly talented, and blessed with a gentle, loving soul.

Richard possessed an endless range of knowledge and the ability to give attention to the smallest detail—qualities that made him the most talented research editor I have ever known.

He came to Heritage on January 22, 1975, and quickly made himself indispensable. In the early days, he not only edited our research papers, he would hand-deliver them to Congressional offices once or twice a week.

Richard lived a rich life outside of Heritage, too. He spoke nine foreign languages—ancient and modern—and travelled extensively. He taught English at a community college, was a seminary professor (and tutor) of Byzantine chant, and a cantor at the Holy Transfiguration Melkite Greek Catholic Church in McLean, Va.

Grounded in deep faith, he was unflappable in times of stress and over-joyed at the joy of others. We at Heritage will miss his warm presence, his shy, sly smile and his self-effacing humor. May God rest his beautiful soul.

His legacy is one that all of us on the Heritage team can learn from and will seek to carry out in the years ahead.

Please join me in saying a prayer for his family during this difficult time.

If you have any memories or encouraging words you would like to share with his family please comment below and we will share them.