Law enforcement in America

At Heritage we actively seek to bring people together to find solutions to the most pressing issues of the day. One of those pressing issues is law enforcement.

Yesterday, Heritage hosted an event titled Policing in America: Lessons from the Past, Opportunities for the Future.

The former Police Commissioner of New York City, William Bratton, gave the keynote address while the police chiefs of both Baltimore and Washington, DC were in attendance.

You can watch the event below:

The creation of law is only half the battle; enforcement of law ensures success, and it’s no easy task.

The Trump Administration is setting new law enforcement priorities, including establishing a new Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety focused on reducing violent crime and supporting police.

What about law enforcement in America do you think needs to change? How do we make that change possible?

Will tax reform pass Congress this Fall?

Tax reform is one of the most important legislative priorities for Congress and the administration this fall. Good tax reform will unleash economic growth, creating greater opportunity and prosperity for all Americans.

This week, the communications team at Heritage released a video on the impact of tax reform on an average, middle-class American family.

Watch the video below:

Tax reform is a critical issue that is needed to give new life to our economy and put more money back in the pockets of the taxpayer.

Heritage has long advocated for a robust tax reform overhaul and will continue to show the need for major change on this issue.

Sound tax reform should achieve:

  • Lower individual and business tax rates
  • Establish the right tax base
  • Eliminate the bias against savings and investment
  • Eliminate tax preferences
  • Simplify the tax system and make it more transparent so taxpayers fully understand how much they pay to fund the federal government

Read more on where tax reform stands in Congress and some of the latest Heritage research explaining it >>

How might tax reform impact you?  Do you feel like the current tax system is fair and balanced?

Heritage expert is viewed as threat to climate change proponents

The President isn’t the only one reading research from Heritage. The left-leaning magazine, The Scientific American, is also paying attention.

Last Thursday, The Scientific American named Dayaratna as a candidate to be feared by proponents of climate change concerns.

The article stated that:

A number of people who reject the findings of mainstream climate science are being considered by the Trump administration for spots on EPA’s Science Advisory Board, a voluntary but influential panel that reviews science used in environmental regulations.

Regarding Dayaratna’s role:

Kevin Dayaratna, a statistician at the conservative Heritage Foundation: His report was cited by Trump as a reason to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. It claimed that the agreement could shrink U.S. gross domestic product by $2.5 trillion within two decades.

On June 2, President Trump announced the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. His decision was greatly influenced by a report written by Kevin Dayaratna, a Senior Statistician and Research Programmer in Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis, titled “Consequences of Paris Protocol: Devastating Economic Costs, Essentially Zero Environmental Benefits”.

Now, the Trump administration is considering new members for the EPA’s Science Advisory Board, which reviews scientific findings used in environmental regulations.

Kevin Dayaratna is one of those candidates.

With people like Dayaratna on the EPA’s Science Advisory Board, global warming alarmists will be forced to contend with reason and facts.

How great of a role should government play in environmental regulation?