Honoring their fight

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day.

As conservatives, we believe all should have the same freedom and opportunities regardless of race, religion, gender, etc.

With March designated as Women’s History month, it is important that we celebrate the contributions that women make to our society.

A majority of women are now responsible for household finances and health care decisions and women-owned businesses employ more than 8.4 million workers. So it is essential then to understand how key conservative federal policies such as taxes, education and health care affect women and their families.

For that reason, we hosted an event Thursday with four congresswomen titled “Empowering Women Through Conservative Policy”.

They joined us to discuss a more dynamic way to understand women’s issues and the intersection of public policy, free enterprise, and family life.

Watch the event below:

What do you believe is the biggest challenge to gender inequality?

Update: Solving the school safety issue

Heritage is making real progress in developing solutions that make our schools safe.

This week, we launched a new site that is focused entirely on our new school safety initiative.

On this site–which will be updated regularly–you will find plans for a “Teach-In” event on March 21-22 that will precede the Left’s “March for our Lives” gun control rally on March 24.

Participants will learn more about the events of February 14 in Parkland, Florida, how they might have been prevented, and the real causes of school violence. We’ll take a deep dive into solutions—including hearing about programs that strengthen families and make schools safer.

Watch Heritage’s President Kay Coles James address this new initiative:

View the site >>

You will also find the latest research and stats surrounding this debate including:

Fact Sheet: Gun Violence >>

The Current Gun Debate: Mass Shootings >>


What do you think should be done about school safety?

Heritage’s recommendations on North Korea’s announcement

In response to Thursday’s announcement by North Korea inviting President Trump to meet, Heritage experts swarmed the media channels to weigh in.

They recommend President Trump doing the following six things:

  1. Fill key policymaker vacancies
  2. Put together a clear agenda for the meeting that North Korea agrees to
  3. Do not budge on sanctions
  4. Move forward with planned military exercises with South Korea
  5. Propose measures that would increase transparency from North Korea
  6. Demand North Korea prove its commitment to the new plan

Here are their appearances in the media:


Bruce Klingner, Fox Business, “Mornings With Maria”

Bruce Klingner, Associated Press TV, “Analysis: US-North Korea Talks ‘High-Risk Poker’”

Bruce Klingner, CNN, “Wolf”

Bruce Klingner, MSNBC, “MSNBC Live With Katy Tur”

Bruce Klingner, BBC, “World News America with Katty Kay”

Bruce Klingner, Fox Business, “Making Money”

Jim Carafano, Fox News, “Fox and Friends First”

Jim Carafano, Fox Business, “FBN: AM”

Olivia Enos, i24 News, “The Rundown”

Olivia Enos, EWTN, “News Nightly”


Bruce Klingner, The Washington Post, “Trump’s North Korea gambit blindsides U.S. diplomats”

Bruce Klingner, Associated Press, “Summit plan too easy on North Korea? US rejects criticism”

Bruce Klingner, The Hill, “Trump rolls the dice on North Korea”

Bruce Klingner, CNN, “How South Korea triggered Trump’s flip from ‘fire and fury’ to ‘call me maybe’”

Bruce Klingner, The Daily Mail (UK), “Trump says that reaching a deal to arrange a summit with North Korea will ‘be a very good thing for the world’ if successful but noted that a ‘time and place’ still need to be determined”

Bruce Klingner, Voice of America, “US Military, Intel Officials Cautious About N. Korean Overtures”

Bruce Klingner, The New Yorker, “Trump Accepts North Korea’s Audacious Invitation—But Then What?”

Bruce Klingner, Vox, “Great opportunity or trap? 12 experts weigh in on the Trump-Kim summit.”

Jim Carafano, The New York Times, “Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-un Is Another Pledge to Do What Nobody Else Can”

Jim Carafano, Politico, “Trump meeting with Kim could signal major thaw in nuclear standoff”


Bruce Klingner, BBC Radio

Bruce Klingner, “The Thuy Lowe Show”

Jim Carafano, “The Nolan Finley Show”

Jim Carafano, “Allman in the Morning”

Peter Brookes, “The Jim Vicevich Show”

Peter Brookes, “The Marc Cox Show”

Peter Brookes, “The Guy Gordon Show”

This strong media presence happens every week on multiple issues.

Thank you for making this possible.


How important is it to have strong conservative voices in the media?